Stream Submissions – AKA how to buy the stream for a while

This is a short post to lay out the details of how the stream queue works. Continue reading to learn how to get me to shill your favorite content for you!

How to Submit a Deck/Game

The first step in submitting content is filling out this Google formYou should always fill this form out before sending a donation in.

I reserve the right to refuse any content for any reason. You will receive a confirmation or rejection with further instructions to the email you list in the Google form.

How much it costs

For Twitch Subs:

  • Runeterra Deck: $10
  • Story Driven Variety: $50+Cost of Game

For Non-Subs:

  • Runeterra Deck: $20

Build Around a Card / Idea

I will build a deck list around a card, cards, or rough idea of your choosing. You should always confirm I am willing to work with your idea before donating – because sadly not all cards / ideas can be made into something competitive.

When your content gets played

Once you pay for approved content it gets added to the stream queue.

Decks generally get played in the order they are in the queue and the schedule for decks can change each day as people bump or add new submissions.

Variety games get played in the order they are in the queue, but exact timing can vary depending on the length of the previous games we are playing through.

Don’t like waiting? Me neither!

Thankfully money talks. You can throw a kicker donation on top of the base amount to push your submission up. For every $1 / 100 bits sent a submission gains an extra point towards how soon it gets played. So for example a submission that has been waiting 14 days would have the same points as a submission that had $14 extra dollars donated for it.

Free Deck list every month for $25 Subscribers

As a thank you to my $25 (tier 3) subscribers you get a free Runeterra decklist submission on the house! Just fill out the Google Form while being sure to indicate that the submission is for your tier 3 sub.

Monthly deck submissions are added to the queue with 30 points.

Bonus every month for $10 subs

While $10 (tier 2) subs do not get to add a submission every month – they still support me extra so I give you a little bit extra back! As a thank you to my $10 subs, every month when you resub you can add 10 bonus points to a deck you like in the queue so it comes up faster.


Q: Are you a sellout for doing this?
A: Absolutely! But Declan is fat and expensive to feed, so here we are. (Disclaimer: Declan eats regardless of how many decklists we get, but he really is fat)

Q: How long does a submission get played for?
A: Decks are playing for 60-90 minutes. Variety games are played for 2-3 hours.

Q: When does my submission get played?
A: When it gets to the top of the submission queue. Total points is Dollars Donated + Days in the queue.

Q: Can I make changes to my deck while it is waiting to be played?
A: Yes! You are encouraged to keep testing / tuning a list while it waits in the queue. Simply update the list at the link you have provided to put in the queue. The day before I play the deck I will download the latest.

Q: Do I have to provide cards for the deck I donate to see?
A: No.

Q: Can you notify me when you are playing my submission?
A: Not likely. It is hard to predict when a submission will get played exactly because people donate to move different things up almost every stream.

Q: If I can’t watch my submission live will there be an archive of it being played?
A: Definitely. All of my streams get archived to my YouTube channel here.

Q: Can I donate to move someone else’s submission up the queue?
A: Yep! Who am I to refuse your money?

Q: What else can I pay you to do on stream?
A: I don’t know – How much money do you have?

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