My name is Jeff Hoogland and you’ve landed at my website. In a nutshell I’ve got a wonderful family, a masters degree in mathematics, and a passion for gaming / technology. I grew up in the Chicagoland area and I currently reside in the Bloomington/Normal area of central Illinois.

After spending several years traveling as a professional Magic the Gathering player, I am a full time streamer for Tempo Storm on Twitch.tv focusing MTG. I also contribute to a number of open source projects, including Bodhi Linux which I help manage.

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If you like my Modern and Legacy content all three leagues we played today had good matches of Magic in them.

My #hooglpicks for today is Esper Goryo though. Throw back to an old favorite, with Discovery as a new upgrade. #mtg #MTGO

.@kristihoogland found a box of old booster pack wrappers I had from decades past while we were moving, so she made this.


We played a Dredge deck on stream today that transformed into Hallowed One that felt really sweet. Might try it with Hallow One + Death's Shadow next time.

Column on the right is what you cut to bring in the 11 board cards. #mtg #modern #mtgo

UW Land Tax Belcher in Legacy anyone? https://t.co/un7uhncfg4 #twitch #MTG #MTGO

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