My name is Jeff Hoogland and you’ve landed at my website. In a nutshell I’ve got a wonderful family, a masters degree in mathematics, and a passion for gaming / technology. I grew up in the Chicagoland area and I currently reside in the Bloomington/Normal area of central Illinois.

After spending several years traveling as a professional Magic the Gathering player, I am a full time streamer on Twitch.tv focusing MTG. I also contribute to a number of open source projects, including Bodhi Linux which I help manage.

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Another #YouTube exclusive for the afternoon - Esper Ojutai in #Modern #MTG on #MTGO

A QOL improvement that @MTG_Arena could really use is a better deck import function. Generic text lists like #MTGO uses should be supported instead of this confusing proprietary format.

It also leads to issues like this where I have a card, but a different version #MTGArena

Dipping back into some Legacy on #MTGO with my #YouTube exclusive content. A league with Colorless Eldrazi now live #mtg

How to find BO3 constructed & play for FREE in #MTGArena #twitch #MTG

Wrapping up a short standard stream with some Abzan Midrange #twitch #MTG #MTGArena https://t.co/cLR45b0aqD

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