A Short Thank You

I probably do not mention it enough, but I appreciate the silent majority of TCG players that are reasonable people. I love meeting people, shaking hands, and damaging, err, signing stuff at events.

Sites like reddit giving a loud microphone to the vocal minority is frustrating, but perspective is important.

I just want to say thank you for supporting my content. Whether you are a subscriber on twitch channel or just someone who reads my articles every week – thanks. You make doing what I do worth doing.

Farewell to MTGO

To cut right to the chase – I will no longer be regularly streaming Magic Online on my Twitch.tv page after the first week of July. If you would like a bit of explanation please read on.

To start – I would like to give an incredible thank you to the folks in the MTG community who have supported my stream via subscriptions and donations since I started streaming 15+ hours a week in February. I was not making what you would consider “good” money, but it was enough to be considered a part time job that purchased plenty of cases of diapers. Not bad for something I was going to be doing anyways because it was something I enjoyed doing.

That last part was the most important though:

“Because it was something I enjoyed doing”

Spending 15+ hours a week playing Magic Online for the last few months though has reminded me why I stopped playing digital Magic once before. The point of this post is not to rant about Magic Online though. Anyone familiar with the software even a little does not need to be told yet again about the bugs, memory leaks, and Wizard’s insistence on raking every last penny out of their players.

I thought I could put up with the issues – after all Magic is fun and playing an interesting TCG on the computer is convenient. At the end of February though something happened – I discovered Hex TCG. Not only was the game play as deep / interesting as Magic – but the client was not riddled with bugs / lockups and the events they ran were structured with rewarding the players in mind as opposed to dragging every last cent out of them.

More and more often while I was streaming Magic Online I felt like I was just waiting for the minutes to pass until I had played enough to satisfy my Magic subscribers so I could get back to playing Hex which provided an enjoyable digital experience.

So with all of this in mind my Twitch stream is going to become more of a dedicated Hex TCG stream. As I mentioned – I intend to keep my normal two days / week MTGO streaming schedule through the first week of July (as my travel schedule permits) because I know many of my subs sent me that money with the desire to see Magic content and I do not want to rob them of what they paid for.

After the first week of July you will only see Magic content on my twitch channel when it has been long enough for me to have forgotten how bad playing MTGO feels compared to a TCG built with digital in mind instead of digital as an afterthought.

Finally – if you are a Magic player reading this who has not checked out Hex already I would highly encourage you to do so. It is everything I have ever wanted as a digital TCG and if you enjoy Magic you will likely enjoy Hex a lot as well.

You can find an intro guide written by myself to Hex here or if you prefer video content there is a video intro by Chris VanMeter here. You can also see how cheap the competitive scene is compared to Magic by taking a peek at my write up here talking about tier 2 decks starting at 10~ USD and a tier 1 deck for only 100~ USD. Hex is also a digital Trading Card Game – which means it is possible to cash your collection or sell cards when you are done with them – unlike Hearthstone.