A Short Thank You

I probably do not mention it enough, but I appreciate the silent majority of TCG players that are reasonable people. I love meeting people, shaking hands, and damaging, err, signing stuff at events.

Sites like reddit giving a loud microphone to the vocal minority is frustrating, but perspective is important.

I just want to say thank you for supporting my content. Whether you are a subscriber on twitch channel or just someone who reads my articles every week – thanks. You make doing what I do worth doing.

6 thoughts on “A Short Thank You”

  1. Well, THANK YOU for making all of us better TCG players by expanding our knowledge of the game. I know that i took my game to another level watching you play, and your brews always give me some new ideas for my deck. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for Keep on doing funny decks and getting them into tops. They give always perspective in formats where some “unfair decks” make it boring.

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