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I often have people ask me for suggestions for decks to get started into Hex Constructed that have reasonable price tags. I am going to keep this post updated with a few different suggestions so I can reference it when people ask this question.

If you are new to Hex itself and want to learn about the game in general check out my post on Hex Primal here. If you do end up purchasing the deck you want from HexPrimal.com you can use code Jeff5 at checkout to get a 5% discount on your order. You can easily paste the list of cards below into their Quick Buy Tool.

SW Furiko Combo

Approximate Cost: 20 USD

This is a midrange deck that can both grind out value in longer games, while also producing explosive combo kills as early as turn five. It utilizes cards like Warpsteel Shardsworn, Silver Talon Mandate, and Arcane Soil to generate lots of troops which we then power up with our Furiko champion power.

If you like grindy decks with combo elements this might just be the deck for you.

Text Decklist


Non-Budget Upgrades:

BD Constants

Approximate Cost: 35 USD

Blood-Diamond Constants is a midrange deck that leans on the power of quality removal like Decree of Banishing and Dark of Night to control the board while we kill them with cards like Twilight Eclipse and Twilight Archon. Early troops like Vesper and Radiant Physician also allow us to occasionally have aggressive draws as well.

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Non-Budget Upgrades:

RD Candles

Approximate Cost: 40 USD

Ruby-Diamond Candles is what I like to refer to as a “brunch” or aggressive-midrange deck. It plays quality interaction such as Decree of Banishing while also being capable of aggressive draws that go wide with Candlekin. We have four copies of Lumagoth at the top of our curve to allow us to deal surprising amounts of damage very quickly.

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Non-Budget Upgrades:


SB Escalate “Storm”

Approximate Cost: 80 USD

The SB Escalate deck draws all of the cards – literally all of them – when you combo off. We use Syzygy in conjunction with Violet’s Caress and Bounty of Magus to draw our entire deck and deal escalating amounts of damage to our opponent. The rest of our deck is minimal amounts of interaction to stay alive against decks faster than ours and lots more card selection with Arcane Focus and Theorize to find all of our combo pieces.


Text Decklist


Non-Budget Upgrades:




Last Updated September 12th, 2017

14 thoughts on “Budget Hex Constructed Decks”

  1. I like reading your articles and budget decks are always interesting for me. I haven’t played any constructed format because I always think I don’t have a chance to win and that’s why I always play limited (although I play hex from 2014). I would encourge you to continue with your articles and posts on reddit. Is there any chance that you can make links to decks that you post on tcgbrowser? I would really like that I can see what cards I have and which I don’t while looking at decks and I also can put deck in favorites. Thank you!

      1. Thank you for your time. Also you could add few match videos with decks so people can see how it actually plays and ofcourse your commentary.
        Eitherway…keep up with good work 😉 (hopeing to see new ones soon)

  2. I don’t Twitter, so I figured this would be the best place for it.

    Thanks for all your Hex content! Thanks to all the streaming and videos you do as well as written content (like this page in particular), I’m pretty sure I piloted Redlings to a top 8 in today’s Platinum Plunder. 8-2 with 65%+ breakers should be good enough, I hope. Hex is great, and it’s because of your content that I discovered it.

    By the way, any chance King Kitty and Young Peezy will ever make a comeback? Those decks were a lot of fun to watch way back in the day.

    1. Thanks for the kind words mate! Sorry for the delay in my response, but I often forget to check the comments here. Congrats on the strong run in the plunder!

  3. Hey Jeff, love your content, never get to see it live because timezones but try to catch it all on YT. In regards to Candlings, what would you recommend I ditch for Lyvaanth?


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