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I often have people ask me for suggestions for decks to get started into Hex Constructed that have reasonable price tags. I am going to keep this post updated with a few different suggestions so I can reference it when people ask this question.

If you are new to Hex itself and want to learn about the game in general check out my post on Hex Primal here. If you do end up purchasing the deck you want from HexPrimal.com you can use code Jeff5 at checkout to get a 5% discount on your order. You can easily paste the list of cards below into their Quick Buy Tool.

BumbleBot Assault – Approximate Cost: Between 10 and 40 USD

Champion: Morgan McBombus

Full Decklist

This is an aggressive deck that leverages the evasive power of McBombus’s Bumble Bots to trigger Assault over and over again on powerful cards like Lazgar’s Vengeance. The splash of sapphire cards also gives it access to the power draw engines  Lanupaw’s Sight and Consult the Talons.

If you like drawing cards and beeing aggressive, this is a great starting deck for you.

If you are working on an extra right budget you can replace the Wells of Innovation with additional standard shards and you can swap the Lazgar’s Vengeances for an additional Pyre Strike and Lanupaw’s Sight.


SW Dreadlings – Approximate Cost:Between 60 and 80 USD

Champion: Ivan Slagpot

Video with the Decklist

Full Decklist

This is an aggro-combo deck deck built around creating Dreadlings to attack your opponent in a fast and furious style. We leverage the assault triggers these spiders generate to fuel cards like Unleash the Beast and Siege Engine Gemini. Cards like Pesky Pippit and Dread Technomancer allow us to capitalize on the leftover artifact in our crypt as well.

If you like explosive decks that can put 20 power into play as early as the third turn this is a great starting deck for you.

Again you can keep the price lower to start by replacing the Wells with more standard shards.


RB Redlings – Approximate Cost:Between 100 and 120 USD

Champion: Ivan Slagpot

Video with the Decklist

Full Decklist

Similar to the SW Dreadlings deck, this Ruby-Blood “Redlings” deck is one my team developed for the first CCS in 2017. It has explosive aggressive draws that can be pushed over the top by powerful cards like Lazgar’s Vengeance and Underworld Crusader. This is the most expensive deck on this list, but it is also the only tier 1 deck here. It is powerful and consistent.




Last Updated April 3rd, 2017

10 thoughts on “Budget Hex Constructed Decks”

  1. I like reading your articles and budget decks are always interesting for me. I haven’t played any constructed format because I always think I don’t have a chance to win and that’s why I always play limited (although I play hex from 2014). I would encourge you to continue with your articles and posts on reddit. Is there any chance that you can make links to decks that you post on tcgbrowser? I would really like that I can see what cards I have and which I don’t while looking at decks and I also can put deck in favorites. Thank you!

      1. Thank you for your time. Also you could add few match videos with decks so people can see how it actually plays and ofcourse your commentary.
        Eitherway…keep up with good work 😉 (hopeing to see new ones soon)

  2. I don’t Twitter, so I figured this would be the best place for it.

    Thanks for all your Hex content! Thanks to all the streaming and videos you do as well as written content (like this page in particular), I’m pretty sure I piloted Redlings to a top 8 in today’s Platinum Plunder. 8-2 with 65%+ breakers should be good enough, I hope. Hex is great, and it’s because of your content that I discovered it.

    By the way, any chance King Kitty and Young Peezy will ever make a comeback? Those decks were a lot of fun to watch way back in the day.

    1. Thanks for the kind words mate! Sorry for the delay in my response, but I often forget to check the comments here. Congrats on the strong run in the plunder!

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